City Election, April 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), April 7, 1921, page 1:

Light Vote Cast in City Elections
Voting Some Heavier in School Elections
Every Proposition Carried.

Voting was extremely light in the city election held Tuesday. Many did not vote, and as there was only one ticket nominated, the election was very quiet. The voting was a little heavier in the school election, but not as heavy as it should have been.

No candidates had announced for either city or school ticket, and the tickets were not named until Monday afternoon. The terms of W. G. Reynolds and Mark T. Loucks as school directors expire this year, and both were re-elected.

The results of the elections are as follows:
The City Election.
First Ward
For Alderman — J. W. Weddle Sr., 19, E. D. French, 1.
For Collector — C. H. Geyer, 20.
Second Ward
For Alderman — Clyde Barrett, 11.
J. U. Marshall, 1.
For Collector — C. H. Geyer, 13.
The School Election.
For two directors for a term of three years: W. G. Reynolds, 70; M. T. Loucks, 72.
For an increase of 60 cents on the $100 valuation in excess of the 40 cents provided by law. Yes, 68, No, 1.
For a levy of $1.00 on the $100.00 valuation for a building fund, with the understanding that after this fund is satisfied and there be a balance, it shall be transferred into such fund as the board may direct. Yes, 68, No, 1.
For a nine months term of school. Yes, 70; No, 0.

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