Circus comes to town

From the July 1, 1915 Skidmore New Era:

The circus is coming; coming with its wagons of gilt and glitter, with its strange animals, with its beautiful women on horseback and everything else that goes to make up a wonderful, happy day beneath the great spreading tents.  For on Tuesday, July 6 will arrive in St. Joseph the Sells-Floto Circus and Buffalo Bill’s Original Wild West for one day’s exhibition, afternoon and night.

The troupe was arriving only a month ahead of the Ringling Brothers Worlds Greatest Shows, also headed for St. Joe.  The August 5th New Era promised a mind-boggling array of talent and wonders:

Ringling Brothers promise many novelties and innovations and a “bigger and better everything” is the slogan.  Preceding the regular circus performance the new spectacle of “Solomon and the Queen of Sheba” will be enacted on the largest stage in the world.  This mammoth 1,250 character pageant cost $1,000,000 and the costumes, scenery and stage properties are said to be a revelation in gorgeousness.

Among the 385 acts are scores of equestrians including the Lloyds, famous English riders; the Borsinis, rolling globe artists; the Josephson Gilma troupe;  the five highest perch acts ever presented; Big Bingo, the biggest living elephant; five herds of trick elephants; 50 clowns, 20 families of aerialists and a magnificent horse show and speed tournament.

With a “revelation in gorgeousness,” five herds of trick elephants, and Buffalo Bill all coming to town, Nodaway County was the place to be.

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