Chrysanthemum Show Results, 1900

The ladies of Skidmore knew their flowers, and the ladies of the Skidmore Improvement Association knew that flowers could draw people to town. They were a determined group, and neither rain nor snow nor darkened atmosphere could stay the Skidmore ladies from their determined course. Their first Chrysanthemum Show was, said the Skidmore Standard, a signal success.

From the November 23, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Signal Success Despite the Unfavorable Weather.

It is an established fact that when the Skidmore ladies determine to carry through an enterprise, it always goes. They know no such words as ‘can’t’ or ‘fail.’ But when Tuesday morning dawned with dark, lowering clouds in the sky, rain in the air and mud in the streets – and on the sidewalks – the prospects for a successful Chrysanthemum Show seemed, indeed, dismal, to say the least.

We are glad to chronicle, however, that despite these unfavorable conditions which continued throughout the first day, the ladies of the Skidmore Improvement Association arose superior to the weather and made a most emphatic success of the first Chrysanthemum show ever held in our town.

The opera house was beautifully decorated. Long chains of evergreen with more than 300 yards of strung popcorn artistically draped about the stage, and from ceiling to walls and from walls to center posts made the hall look like a room in fairy land.

And the flowers! They were too nice for men to attempt to talk about; only ladies could do them justice. Suffice it to say that there were between two hundred and three hundred flowers in the show and every one was a perfect beauty. The judges, J. M. Lamar, Lee Chadduck and R. B. Foster, awarded honors as follows:

Best collection, Mrs. Adrian Pinkston; second best, Miss Laura Ashbrook.
Best Bronze, Mrs. A. Pinkston.
Best Pink, Mrs. A. Pinkston.
Best Red, Mrs. A. Pinkston.
Best Yellow, Mrs. T. P. Moorhead.
Best Ostrich Plume, Mrs. Duval.
Best White, Miss Laura Ashbrook.
Smallest “mum,” Mrs. E. D. French.

The program each evening was an honor and a credit, both to the participants and our little city. We regret that a lack of space forbids giving the notice they deserve.

The ladies cleared about $25.

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