Christmas greetings from Skidmore’s merchants in 1910

We think Santa Claus looks a little weary in this full-page ad from page 12 of the December 15, 1910 edition the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), but we’re sure the best wishes he brings from Skidmore’s business houses are sincere.  (Full size ad will open in a new window.)

The businesses represented are:  Rees Hardware Company, Holt seed, The Bank of Skidmore, The Farmers Bank of Skidmore, The Skidmore Meat Market and W. E. Linville, J. H. Linville Auto Livery, Manchester the barber, E. D. French, E. T. Duval, Neal Hoblitzell pianos and organs, J. S. Barrett’s cream station, G. F. Kellogg Insurance, and Harry Hoblitzell Insurance.

Advertisements for Christmas presents at Rees Hardware Co., Re-Cleaned Clover Seed sold by Holt, the gift of a bank account for children at The Bank of Skidmore, Christmas wishes from the Farmers Bank of Skidmore, good things to eat for Christmas at W. E. Linville's Skidmore Meat Market, transportation by J. H. Linville's auto livery, a clean shave at Manchester's barber shop, Christmas and New Year's greetings from E. D. French, the cream buyer, greetings from E. T. Duval, pianos and organs for sale by Neal Hoblitzell, J. S. Barrett's cream station, G. F. Kellogg's insurance agency, and insurance for sale by Harry Hoblitzell.
Full-page ad from the Skidmore New Era of Skidmore, Missouri, December 15, 1910, page 12.

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