Christmas and Santa Claus

The Skidmore, Missouri New Era published a special Christmas edition on December 17, 1908. It included the following editorial:

Christmas And Santa Claus.
At this time of the year, the faith of little children is strongly emphasized. Throughout the world of Christendom childhood is looking to that mysterious individual, Santa Claus, for the bestowal of his favor. Implicitly the little ones believe in his existence and his beneficence, and from every letter box in the country missives to him are trustingly dispatched. Not a few of them are most pathetic. Is not all faith typical of this childhood faith, and are not the rewards to it similar to these? Somehow, it is a part of our nature, and few be there who can live very good without it. Who would take away the faith that a child has in this mysterious personage, Santa Claus, myth though he be, and who would take from weak and frail humanity that larger, sweeter trust in the eternal goodness? The editor hopes, like every little boy and girl who wrote a letter to Santa Claus in this paper, that he will “remember every little boy and girl.”

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