Chautauqua begins with lady managers, 1922

From the August 10, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Howard Quintette Gives First Program.
First Chautauqua Program at Three O’clock — Howard Quintette and Dr. H. B. Hulbert Tonight.

The opening number of the chautauqua will be given at 3 o’clock this afternoon by the Howard Quintette, and the evening hour will be divided between the Howard Quintette and Dr. H. B. Hulbert. The first day’s program will be unusually strong this year, according to Mr. Holladay, manager of the Midland Circuit, who says that he considers the first day as good as any this year. As a general thing, the first day’s program is not quite equal to the rest of the course, as there is not usually as much interest in the chautauqua the first day as there is later.

The big tent arrived yesterday morning and was erected on the school grounds and is ready for the opening number this afternoon. Miss Rhoads, platform manager, and the two tent men, Mr. Nichols and Mr. Johnson, also arrived yesterday morning. Miss Goddard, the Junior superintendent, arrived yesterday afternoon.

This is the first time Skidmore has ever had a lady platform manager, and in fact there have been no ladies in that position in the middle west until this year. Three of the platform managers on the Midland Circuit this year are ladies.

The program for this year will be mighty good, judging by the information that has been received. Short sketches of the various other members will be found on other pages of this issue, and a complete program and single admission prices will be found on page three.

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