Charles Martin Thrown from Horse

Traffic accidents may have looked different in 1900, but they were no less serious.  As reported in the March 30, 1900 edition of the Skidmore Standard on page 1:

Thrown From His Horse.

Mr. Charles Martin was thought to be dying, Monday morning from injuries sustained in a fall from his horse the day before.  Three ribs of the left side were fractured in the fall.  He did not deem it necessary to call in medical assistance until about twenty-four hours after he was hurt.  Then Dr. Lee, of Quitman was summoned and after an examination, said there was but little hope for his recovery.  A telegram was sent to St. Joseph relatives and they came up that evening.  The injured man’s condition was somewhat improved the following morning and it is now thought he will recover.

The accident occurred on a steep hillside.  Mr. Martin had stopped his horse, to talk with his neighbor, George Owens, and the latter’s dog frightened the animal causing it to jump and unseat its rider.

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