Cane Carrying Con Man

Reports of crime were fairly rare in the Skidmore Standard.  This one happened in Hopkins, but the warning was sounded in Skidmore, just in case.  From the April 13, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

The Man With the Cane.

Hopkins has again been worked.  A nice looking, well dressed man alighted from the morning train, Saturday, and at once proceeded to the Linville hotel where he registered as Z. B. Rife, confidentially informing Landlord McIntire that he was a detective in search of a woman who had recently murdered her husband at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

He had a flashy cane made from cow’s horn which he took pains to display, casually remarking that it cost $50.  Several around the hotel lobby fell in love with the stick and finally he was prevailed upon to raffle it off.

He had no trouble in quickly disposing of ten or fifteen dollars worth of numbers and announced the raffling would take place that night, but before the appointed hour arrived, he disappeared, taking with him both the cane and the money; the only thing he left behind being his hotel bill and a long list of Third and Barnard street suckers.

He went south and will likely try to work other Missouri towns. – Hopkins Journal.

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