Buy a Good Stove

We are grateful for central heating, but we do note that our furnace does not quite have the same visual appeal as these excellent stoves advertised in the Skidmore New Era’s October 7 and October 14, 1909 editions:

Ad for heating stoves at Jordan, Thomas & Company of Skidmore, Missouri, 1909. Text follows after second image.
Advertisement from the October 7, 1909 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri).
Ad for stoves at Manchester & Dodds in Skidmore, Missouri, 1909. Text of ad follows.
Ad for stoves at Manchester & Dodds of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore New Era, Oct. 14, 1909.

First ad reads, “Fall is here and winter is coming. You had better look out for a heating stove – one that will warm your house and save you fuel. We have a large line of these stoves, made by firms that guarantee them to us and we guarantee them to you. The Buck’s Hot Blast, Globe, Acron and King Bee Host Blast. We also have the Acorn and Globe base burners. Come in and look these stoves over. we also have a line of Oak stoves that we are making a net price on. Jordan, Thomas & Company.”

Second ad, from the Skidmore New Era, October 14, 1909, reads, “You don’t buy a stove very often, so, why not buy a good one? A good stove will pay for itself in a short time in the saving of fuel. A good stove will remain air-tight as long as it is in use. A cheap stove will soon open up at the joints and not hold fire over night. A good stove will out last two or three cheap stoves. A good stove is a pleasure to use; a cheap stove is a continual trouble. We show here two good ones; we have others. We know they are good for we have been selling them for years, and they have always given satisfaction. A good stove is always the cheapest. Come in and we will prove it to you! Yours for good stoves. Manchester & Dodds.

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