Business Changes, 1899

Skidmore’s business pool in June 1899 had more trades than today’s major league teams. It might help to diagram the following from the June 23, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Business Changes

The trading fever broke loose in town again early Monday morning and for a few hours it was a caution the way some places of business changed ownership. E. E. Tilton opened the deal by trading his barn property and livery stock to a Mr. Irwin of Maryville for a stock of groceries in Ravenwood. Mr. Irwin immediately sold the barn and stock to A. H. Garnett and Frank Strickler. Mr. Strickler then purchased a half interest in Garnett’s livery stock, so as it now stands, Garnett & Strickler owns and operates both liveries. Mr. Tilton went to Ravenwood, Monday, to assume control of his stock of groceries with the intention of trading or selling if he could find anyone else afflicted with trading fever; if not he will bring the stock to Skidmore and put it in the E. L. Wilson building.

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