Buick Car Stolen, 1920

More crime news from the July 29, 1920 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Buick Car Stolen

Last Thursday night a thief entered the Beverlin garage and drove away with L. W. Garnett’s Buick 1919 touring car.

From all information that can be ascertained the car was taken between two and three o’clock Friday morning.

A stranger was in town most of the day Thursday and loafed a part or most of the afternoon in front of the garage.  He asked Mr. Beverlin for a position, but was told that he had no place for him, and later Mr. Beverlin went to Maryville.  Just before leaving he asked the young man to go to Maryville with him, for he thought he could find him a position there.  The stranger refused the offer, stating he had changed his mind and was going back to St. Joseph.  It seems he asked a good many questions about the garage and as he has not been seen since about nine or ten o’clock, the night of the theft, all suspicion is placed on this man, whoever he was.

He was a young looking fellow, slender, about 5 1/2 feet high and would weigh in the neighborhood of 130 pounds.

Officers for many miles around were immediately notified and several from Skidmore went to St. Joseph, Friday with the hope of locating the car, but up to the present time no trace has been found.

It is generally believed the car was driven east of town, then south.

A man stopped in Graham, Friday morning about 3 o’clock and woke Ed Black at the Black hotel stating he wanted gasoline and oil, but was informed he did not sell gasoline.

Mr. Garnett has offered $200 reward for the car and here is the description:  Black Model H touring car of 1919 model, equipped with 2 bumpers, U.S. cord tires on rear, Goodyear cord tires in front, spare tire on tire carrier, black cover with white stripe, didn’t fasten good, 3 dents in back of car just above the extra tire, running up toward top, also two scratches on right rear door in shape of square, think engine No. is 4752880 but not positive, can be easily identified by the dents in back.


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