Buick and Ford Collide, 1922

From the June 8, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Buick and Ford Collide.

Monday afternoon, as Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Pfeiffer and daughter, Martha, were returning home from Maryville, they met Miss Gladys Brown and Mrs. Merle Hammond at the corner two miles east of the Gill school, with the result that two cars had to be towed into town for repairs. Mr. Pfeiffer was going south, and Miss Brown, who was driving her father’s Buick, came from the west and turned north. Neither could see the other because of the hedge, and they collided before either had an opportunity to apply their brakes or change course.

Mr. and Mrs. Pfeiffer and daughter were all injured slightly, but no bones were broken and all three are recovering from their bruises. Neither Mrs. Hammond nor Miss Brown was injured. The Brown car suffered least. The front end was damaged considerably, a hole being torn in the radiator, the lights knocked out of line, and the bumper torn off. It could have been driven home under its own power except for the damage to the radiator, which allowed water to leak out.

Mr. Pfeiffer’s Ford was badly damaged. The front axle was bent, the steering apparatus was all sprung out of line, the frame badly sprung, one front wheel broken and a hole knocked in the radiator. A considerable amount of work had to be done on it before it could be towed to town.

John Crist happened along and brought the ladies home. G. O. Riley was called out to bring the cars in.

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