Brown family heirlooms

Hester Brown Masters had an interesting collection, as we see in the March 25, 1909 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

An Old Heirloom.

Mrs. Oren Masters brought to this office a few days ago an old pewter pitcher or tea pot, the intrinsic value of which would not be a “kopek,” yet on account of its long association with her family, she prizes it very highly.  The pitcher, from the best information she has, must be over three hundred and fifty years old and has been in her family that long at least.  She is able to trace it back six generations.  It has been the custom of the family for the possessor of this relic to bequeath it to her youngest daughter.  On last Christmas the pitcher was presented to Mrs. Masters by her aunt, Nancy Tate, who having no daughter of her own, gave it to Mrs. Masters, her youngest niece.  Mrs. Tate was given the heirloom over 50 years ago by her mother, Aunt Pollie Brown, who was well known among the first settlers of this part of the country. This piece of property has been handed down from Wolf to Brooks, then to Younts, then Brown, Tate, and now is the property of Mrs. Masters.  How much longer it has been in the family Mrs. Masters does not know.

She also has in her possession an old blue bandana handkerchief presented to her by her father, John Brown, who received it from his father, Uncle “Andy” Brown.  This old kerchief was given to Andy Brown when he was a small boy in Tennessee by his father.  Mr. Brown was upwards of 70 years old when he died in 1871 and he has been dead thirty-eight years, so the bandana is at least 100 years old and has been in the Brown family a century.


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