Brother Sterl to the Rescue

We are never too old for some help from our siblings, and, perhaps, never too old to enjoy having a good story to tell on our siblings.  Such was the case for the Smith brothers, as reported in the September 29, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Dr. L. B. Smith, the well known painless extractor of corns, sat astride a barbed wire fence for an hour, last Monday.  The doctor did not perform this ludicrous and undignified feat because of any leaning toward gymnastics nor because he preferred that peculiar kind of a resting place to a soft cushioned rocking chair.  No, he sat there from necessity rather than choice.  In other words he couldn’t do otherwise; his trousers leg was securely hooked on a barb.  The unpleasantness of the situation was increased by the imminent danger of becoming overbalanced and falling; and the doctor could almost picture himself a horribly lacerated corpse, ready for his last resting place.  His brother, Sterl, finally found and released him and the doctor took a solemn oath on the spot to never attempt to climb a barbed wire fence again.

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