Bring your grade cards

From the September 2, 1898 Skidmore Standard, page 8:

All pupils are requested to bring their grade cards with them the first day of school, which is next Monday.

The next week’s edition tells us that quite a few arrived with those grade cards in hand:

Our Schools.
The Skidmore Public Schools opened Monday with a total enrollment of 182. Of this number, 30 are in the High School department, 14 of which are tuition pupils.

While the total enrollment is not quite so large as it was last year at the opening of the school, there is every reason to believe that it will soon be far in excess of last year, as a great many children have not entered yet, on account of sickness and other causes.

The High School attendance is already larger than last year and promises a good increase. Altogether, the prospects for a successful school year are very flattering.

Getting to school wasn’t as easy as you might think. Here’s an accident report from the September 16 edition, page 5:

Last Friday noon, James Parshall was speeding along at a lively rate on his wheel and ran against Cary Stults’ little girl on the crossing leading to the school house, knocking her down and bruising her quite seriously.

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