Bridges Brothers Teach Skidmore to Sing

Skidmore was already a musical town in 1901, but the arrival of the Bridges Brothers and company expanded the village repertoire.  From the July 26, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Bridges Brothers Musical Congress.

Last Monday night was one of the hottest nights of the season, but regardless of this fact there was a very good crowd assembled at the Christian church to hear the public rehearsal and the entertainment given by the Bridges Brothers and their wives assisted by Mr. Frank Foreman.

The entertainment was very much appreciated if encores speak for anything, as they were brought back on almost every number on the program.

This company of instructors said at the beginning of their school of instruction that they would teach each and every member of the class to readily sing any common music at sight. That they did all they said they would was proven to the satisfaction of all at the public rehearsal. The class sang by note, in a creditable manner, two songs that they had not seen before.

An effort is being made to get one of these instructors to return within a week or ten days and give a two weeks course of instructions in vocal music. If enough members can be secured the expense will be very light. If you are interested in this line, you should take advantage of this opportunity as such a one may never be presented to you again.

There is sufficient talent in our city to furnish all the churches with a good choir if it had the proper training, and now that we are acquainted with these gentlemen and know that they can and will do just what they say they will, there should be no hesitancy on the part of all those that sing and those that like to hear good singing, to encourage this matter in any way possible.

A good choir is one of the most essential features of the church.

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