Boy Scouts in Camp

From the July 18, 1918 Skidmore News:

Boy Scouts In Camp

Monday evening several troops of our future warriors invaded the farm of Fred Dyson, about three miles south of town, on the east side of the river and captured a beautifully wooded high bluff overlooking the placid waters of the crooked some or some crooked Nodaway that were silently gliding on their journey to the great ocean that the mighty Hun thought he had a fence around – but he aint yet.

No telling where the scouts would have went, but they couldn’t cross the river without putting on their bathing suits, and when they got in their bathing suits, the bathing suits got in the water they couldn’t carry the rest of their pharapharnalia across because the water was almost kneehigh to some so they concluded to camp on the commanding bluff unless they could get the water out of the way so they could march on.

When the News boy visited the camp Tuesday evening and saw them in bathing they were kicking the water around equal to the story of Moses slashing around in the bull-rushes when he kicked the Red Sea dry.  If they persist long enough they may be able to go across dry shod.

This is the first venture in camp life for the scouts, for so long a time, but the little fellows certainly were enjoying the novelty.  No doubt most of them will be mighty glad to see mamma when their ten days camp life is up.

There has been talk of organizing a troop here and as soon as the camp was located south of town the boys here wanted to enlist.  J. O. Miller expected to take a number of boys from town down to the camp Wednesday, but as it rained and they are not fixed to camp out they could not go.

The following towns in this county, Maryville, Ravenwood, Burlington Junction, and Maitland, Holt county, are represented:

Maryville Troop 1:  A. M. Crooke, Scoutmaster; Frank Green, Assistant; Jesse Boatman, Assistant.

Bearer Patrol – Geo. Smith, Leader; Lawrence Masters, Assistant; Floyd Cook, Allen Shupe.

Eagle Patrol – Townsend Godsey Leader; Paul Robey, Assistant; Carlos Yehle, V. Willoughby, Russel Robey, Ned Colbert, Harold Miller.

Wolf Patrol – Isaac Miller, Leader, John Smith, Paul Halasey, Frank Snow, Waldo Lemon, Cal Guilliam, Paul Brown.

Pine Tree Patrol – Robert Arnett, Leader, Wm. Gough, Assistant; Richard Baker, Harold Green, Vern Robey, Howard Allen, Eldon Green, mascot.

Maryville Troop 2: M. A. Peery, Scoutmaster; Dutch Keef, Assistant.

Jerry Gile, Carl Hildreth, William McDougal, Frank Burris, Roger Hull, Don Herbert, Eugene Crossan, James Graham, Russel Howard.

Ravenwood Troop 1: Henry F. McMullen, Assistant Scoutmaster.

Friddie McKee, Leader; Glen Goodson, Assistant; Curtis Bishop, Marvin Bishop, Gordon Joy, Eldon Kuger, Morris Bishop, Byron Crawford, Donald Leary, Dakbert Morton, Arnold Moores, Ernest Holtsclaw.

Burlington Junction Troop 1: Richard Zarn, Assistant Scoutmaster.

Paul Shadduck, Robert Corken, John Bailey, Paul Gregory, Frank Slack, Floyd Spargur, Raymond Huntington, Raymond Ferguson.

Maitland Troop 1:  Leon Noel, Leader; Frederick Edwards, Francis Edwards, Clyde Marion, Ira Williams, Paul Leeper, Edgar Knepper, Vern Stout, Melvin Cartwright, James King.


Camp Rules

  1. Obey the Scout Law.
  2. Answer all bugle calls instantly.
  3. Co-operate.  This is a co-operative camp.  Get into things instead of getting out of them.
  4. Profanity, rough-house, or rowdyism of any kind has no place in this camp and will result in severe punishment.  No firearms allowed in camp.
  5. Use the latrine exclusively and obey the order posted there with reference to throwing earth in the pit afterward.  Failure to do so will result in punishment.
  6. Commit no nuisance in or about the camp.  To do so will result in being given demerits, or punishment.
  7. Failure to answer any roll call will result in punishment, either being given demerits or given double grub duty.
  8. Throw waste paper and all other litter that will not attract flies in the waste box at the corner of the mess tent.
  9. The honor of raising and lowering the flag the following day will be awarded each day to a member of the squad whose tent wins the highest mark at inspection.  Members of the successful squad may select the Scout to have the honor.
  10. Use your own drinking cup.  Drink water only at the place designated.  At meals drink water in preference to coffee or tea, it is better for you.
  11. Boisterous behavior and loud talk at mess will not be tolerated.  Be mannerly and insure the pleasure of meals by all.
  12. Report at once to headquarters any sickness or ailment, especially after taps.
  13. Quiet must be maintained from taps at night until first call in the mornings.
  14. Patrol leaders will deposit all mail at headquarters at officers meeting at 8:45 a.m.
  15. Report lost articles and make any requests or complaints at first assembly at 8:30 a.m.
  16. No trumpet calls, and no music by drum and bugle corps, except so ordered or specified will be allowed.
  17. The order of the day is the program of the camp.  No one will be excused unless sick.
  18. Enjoy yourself.  That’s what we are here for.

Scout Master.



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