Board of Education Sells Union Valley School

Education news from the June 18, 1925 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Board of Education Sells Buildings

The Board of Education of the Skidmore Consolidated schools sold two of the rural school buildings Monday afternoon of this week.  The Union Valley school has been closed for the past few years on account of there not being enough school children in the district to warrant the hiring of a teacher, and the same conditions exist in the Scrub Oak and Mt. Vernon districts.

The Union Valley school house is about the oldest school building in this part of the county, it was built in 1870.  The school building and out buildings were sold to a committee composed of Aaron Linville, William Taylor and George Owens, for $225.  The school grounds automatically reverts to the land from which it was taken, in this case, to the Wess Clark farm.

The Scrub Oak school building and out buildings were sold to G. W. Randall, and the school grounds will go back to the Frank Collins farm.  Mr. Randall will move the buildings to town. The price was $181.

The Mt. Vernon school building will be moved to town and used in the school work.  Earl Stevenson bought the coal house for $10.  The school ground will go back to the J. C. Collins farm.

The Board also hired Mark Loucks and Roy Owens to drive the school trucks next year.


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