Blundering Billy at the Royal Hall, 1923

If you want a fundraiser for your group, perhaps a farcical comedy is just the ticket.  From the Skidmore News, November 22, 1923, page 5:

Ad for a comedy, Blundering Billy, in 1923. Text follows.
Ad for a production of “Blundering Billy” at the Royal Hall, November 29, 1923 in Skidmore, Missouri.

Ad reads, “

Blundering Billy at the Royal Hall, Thanksgiving night, November 29. A three-act farcical comedy by the M. E. Church, South. Cast: Ezra Tuttle, a rich mine owner, Homer Williams. Billy Butler, always in trouble, Jesse Barrett. Lieutenant Griswold, from the Presido Reservation, Wilbur Williams. Sing Toy, a servant, Ham Bramble. Hank Dibble, an old salt, Roy Horn. Dorothy Tuttle, Ezra’s daughter, Jessie Barber. Clarissa Burnham, a guest at the Strathmore, Edith Jenkins. Woyo San, a Japanese Girl, Hazel Weddle. Admission 20 and 35.”

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