Blind Boone Makes a Hit

From the May 11, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Blind Boone Makes a Hit.

Cook’s opera house was not large enough to contain the people who wished to hear and see Blind Boone perform on his piano Saturday night.  Every seat was taken, chairs were filled in the aisles, the stage accommodated a large number and every available bit of standing room occupied; then the doors were closed on a large number because the house was taxed to its utmost capacity.

Blind Boone was feeling his best and was consequently in the proper humor to do his best, and his efforts elicited great applause from his listeners.

Miss Josephine Rivers, vocalist, at her first appearance became a pronounced favorite; she was called back again and again by the enthusiastic audience.

The entertainment was a great musical treat and the Blind Boone Concert Company will be greeted by a large house if it ever appears again in Skidmore.  The door receipts amounted to $131.00.

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