Birthday Party

Happy birthday to your humble storyteller’s grandmother, Katherine Gray.  She celebrated her special day in grand style  in 1918:

Birthday Party

They had a fine time, those thirty-four little folks who helped Katherine Gray celebrate her eighth birthday Wednesday evening, April 24, from 4 to 6 o’clock.

The time was spent in playing games, and spent pleasantly.  Refreshments were served.

Little Miss Katherine received many nice presents, among them being five thrift stamps and enough money to purchase three more.

Those present were: Margaret Hoblitzell, Louise Hoblitzell, Anna Laura Weddle, Virginia Morgan, Mary Esther Loucks, Lucile Bodle, Deon Martin, Ruby Devers, Lorene Boling, Eunice Horn, Naomi Moorhead, Byron Linville, Frank Charles, Georgia May Ashbrook, Dorothy Ashbrook, Pauline Manchester, Margaret Strickler, Thelma Ford, Ellanor Sewell, Dorothy White, John Ashbrook, Jr., Eleanor Montgomery, Richard Barrett, Lois Barrett, Lucile Curtin, Evalyn Monk, Martha Pfeiffer, Lucile Fullerton, Katherine Earley, Idabeth Newton, Marie Barrett, Harriet Fargo and Katherine Gray.

Guests at Katherine Gray’s eighth birthday party, 1918, Skidmore, Missouri

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