Big Dinner for Granville Fisher

Skidmore ladies knew how to cook, and the town knew how to celebrate.  Further evidence of this appears in the May 25, 1905 Skidmore New Era, right on page 1.  We suppose a once-in-53-years visit qualifies anyone for a really big dinner:

A Big Dinner.

Granville Fisher, of Franklin, Oregon, who is visiting with his sister, Mrs. W. L. Kenney, and other relatives was the guest of honor at a dinner, that was fit for a King, at the home of Uncle Johnny Smith Tuesday.  Fifty seven guests were present and did justice to the bountiful feast.  Mr. Fisher left Illinois 53 years ago the tenth day of last April, with two yokes of oxen for the west and five months had gone by before he reached his destination in Oregon.  It took less than three days for him to return, which shows the progress that has been made in modes of transportation from that time to the present.  Mr. Fisher has a brother and sister in Illinois and a sister, Mrs. Kenney, here who he had not seen since he left Illinois fifty-three years ago.  The New Era force were the recipients of some of the viands of the big dinner for which they are grateful.

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