Bethany Items, June 1922

From the June 8, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Bethany Items.

John Hanson motored to St. Joseph Monday.

Dick, Rena and Mary Moine Goff were Sunday visitors with Clark Goff and family.

John Neil is in possession of a new Ford touring car which he purchased from McCleave of Barnard.

Fred Crawford and family of Falls City, Nebr., spent the week-end with Chas. Crawford and family.

Oliver L. Neil has been suffering with an abscess in his head. He is much improved at this writing.

Robert Yeaman and wife and Grandpa Smith spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. Oliver Neil and husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Montie Troth, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Burns and John D. Saunders spent Sunday with Edgar Elliott and family.

Sunday School was attended last Lord’s day by 63 and over $3.00 collection. Next Sunday evening the children will give their programs. All come and enjoy the exercises.

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