Best Seed House in the Country, 1910

We’ve heard it’s true — Skidmore, Missouri’s A. F. Howden had the best seed house in the country around 1910. From the February 10, 1910 Skidmore New Era:

Ad for the A. F. Howden seed house in Skidmore. Text follows.
Skidmore (Missouri) New Era, February 10, 1910.

Advertisement reads, “Best seed house in the country. Seed corn, ten varieties. Yellow: Ried’s Yellow Dent, Legal Tender, Funk’s Improved, Ried’s Yellow Dent. White: Boone County White, Snow Flake, Silver Mine, St. Charles White, Johnson County Illinois White. Mixed: Pride of the Valley and White Cap 90 day corn. Seed Oats: Best variety, all cleaned. Timothy and clover seed. All well selected, graded and strictly tested; stored and crated in good, dry houses. Price $1.25 and $1.50 per bushel at seed house. Ear corn $2.00 per bushel. Call on or address A. F. Howden, Skidmore, Mo.”

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