Bess Worl and Julia Francisco, Skidmore Businesswomen

From the May 27, 1915 Skidmore News, page 1:

A New Business.

Skidmore has been represented for some time with two business establishments which are conducted by ladies. Now comes Bess Worl and Julia Francisco and ask that they represent Skidmore with an up-to-date sewing parlor.

They have rented the building north of The New Era office and have it fitted up, and are ready to serve the people with sewing of all kind.

Here’s hoping the ladies will enjoy a good business.

Advertisement, "Dress making and plain sewing, prices reasonable.  First door north of the New Era Office. Bess Worl and Julia Francisco."
Skidmore New Era, May 27, 1915, p. 5.

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