Bert and Hattie Get Married

From the front page of the November 24, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

A Quiet Wedding.

Wednesday evening, November 22, 1899, was solemnized the wedding of Mr. Ephriam R. (Bert) Bender and Miss Hattie M. Brown at the bride’s home in Skidmore, Elder N. Rollo Davis, of Burlington Junction, officiating.

It was, by the wishes of the bride, an extremely quiet affair and was witnessed only by her father, brother Frank, and two sistes, Mrs. Barbara Gilliland and Miss Nettie.

The young people represent two of our very best and most respected families and are so well and favorably known that anything nice we might say could not cause them to be esteemed more highly.  They will not take a wedding journey as Mr. Bender’s business interests require his immediate attention.

May their present bright prospects never be dimmed nor their connubial bliss lessened is the wish of the Standard.

Elsewhere in that issue, a related account makes it appear that the happy couple may hav encountered rain on their wedding day.  Ah well, we hear such things bode well for the future happiness of newlyweds.

Elder N. Rollo Davis, accompanied by his wife, drove down from Burlington Junction, Wednesday afternoon, to conduct the marriage ceremony uniting Mr. Bert Bender and Miss Hattie Brown.  It was raining when they started from home and the ride was far from pleasant but the mission was one that could not be delayed.  They returned home Tuesday morning.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Davis said they would like to have remained longer and visited their friends here, but home affairs demanded their immediate attention.

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