Begin your cards today

We know fewer people send holiday cards these days, and we, along with the Skidmore News, would like to change that.  Here’s encouragement from the November 30, 1922 edition of the News, page 8:

Ad for Christmas cards by the Skidmore News. Text follows.
The 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri) urges readers to purchase their Christmas cards early.

Ad reads, “Begin today. Don’t wait until the day before Christmas to select your greeting cards! you can help make this Christmas the happiest that many of your friends have ever known. Send them Christmas Greetings. Christmas cards cost so little and mean so much you cannot afford to forget anyone. We can help you with our large variety of cards. Don’t wait until the day before Christmas! Begin today. Make up your list of friends and relatives to whom you want to send Christmas Greetings and drop in and see us tomorrow and you will find we have just the cards you are looking for. Come in and make your selection now! Before the choice selections are gone. Skidmore News.”

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