Basket Ball Cheer, 1909

From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), January 28, 1909, page 9:

Basket Ball at Burlington Junction Tuesday Evening.

The basket ball game at Burlington Junction Thursday evening, Burlington Junction vs. Skidmore was one of the best games witnessed in this part of the county for some time. The score stood 24 to 27 in favor of Skidmore.

The line up was as follows:
Skidmore – Burlington Junction
Barrett l. f. Eby
Littler r. f. Walker
Thomas c. Youtz
Porter r. g. Meadenhall
Ward l. g. Pitcock
Officials: R. A. Walker, referee; M. C. Sewell, umpire; Henry Browning, timekeeper, Burman Deffenbaugh, assistant timekeeper; B. H. Myers, official score keeper; Willie Howden, assistant score keeper.

The visitors present from Skidmore besides those named were: Carroll Stokes, John Bodle, W. E. Linville and Quay Sewell.

When the Skidmore boys stepped from the cars to the depot platform Wednesday morning on their return home, they gave the following “yell” which they had made up on their way down:

“Skidmore once, Skidmore twice,
Skidmore won this game by gosh;
What’s the score, what’s the score,
Twenty-seven to twenty-four,
In favor of Skidmore.”
Then, they repeated their old yell:
“Razzle dazzle; hobble gobble;
Zip! Boom! Bah!
Skidmore; Skidmore;
Rah! Rah! Rah!”

The boys are very loud in their praise of the gentlemanly manner in which the Burlington Junction boys, both the ball team and citizens, treated them while they were in the city. The game, while hotly contested, was perfectly harmonious the best of feeling prevailed, and all had a royal time. R. A. Walker was complimented by all upon his decisions and the manner in which he conducted the game.

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