Baseball Team, 1915

Over the years, Skidmore, Missouri fielded a pretty competitive baseball team.  The town often rallied behind the team and attended games, but in 1915, the business community put their dollars behind the team, too.  From the May 6, 1915 Skidmore New Era, page 6:

Skidmore to Have Baseball Team

As soon as grounds can be graded, Skidmore will be represented by a ball team.  The diamond will be in the southeast part of town, on vacant lots of Chancey Littler’s, south of Wm. Barber’s residence.  Prospects are fine for a good season here.  Clearmont, Burlington Junction, Maitland and Barnard are all wanting games.

Following is a list of names of contributors to grading fund:  Geo. Patterson, $2.50; Fred Masters, $1.00; Art Hill, $1.00; Bank of Skidmore, $1.00; Bramble & Son, $1.00; R. A. Walker, $1.00; Dr. J. C. Manning, $1.00; Bert Garnett, $1.00; B. O. Ford, $1.50; Miller’s Restaurant, $2.50; The Farmer’s Bank, $1.00; E. D. French, 50c; Kellogg Seed Co., $1.00; J. W. Weddle & Son, $5.00; Clarence Sharp, $1.50; L. W. Garnett, $1.00; Albert Logan, 50c; Skidmore Market, $1.50; J. E. Pierpoint, $2.50; Elmer Howden, $1.00; C. H. Beverlin, $1.00; Mark Loucks, $1.00; Ellis Dawson, 50c; Floyd Barrett, 50c; Joe Napper, 50c; Bert Strickler, 75c; Bud Hamilton, $1.00; Harry Russell, $1.00; O. W. Hendrix, 50c; Neil Lockhart, 50c: Herley Miller, 50c; Ben Wood, 50c; J. W. Barber, $1.00; L. Daspit, 50c; Archie Barrett, 50c; Charles Rockwell, 50c; James Strickler, 50c, and Dr. Niles, 50c.

Advertisement: Play Ball. Because the Great (?) Game now being played at Chicago, between Taft and Roosevelt is a game of throwing mud, there is no reason for you to do so. Just buy a glove or a mit, a bat and a good ball and get into the right kind of a game -- base ball. We have a complete line of base ball supplies at prices that are right. Call and investigate Skidmore Drug Company, The Nyal Store.
From the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), June 13, 1912, page 1.

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