Barretts Hike at 87, 1922

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), December 21, 1922, page 1:

87 Years Young, Hike 5 1/2 Miles.

Rev. and Mrs. Reubin Barrett, both past the 87-year mark, hiked to their farm 5 1/2 miles south and west of Skidmore, Wednesday morning of last week.

Rev. and Mrs. Barrett came to Monroe Township from Pennsylvania in 1874 and settled on 80 acres of land, which had no improvements except a house, and today they own 200 acres of well improved land. In 1912 they decided to move to town and located in the south part of Skidmore, where they now live.

On Wednesday morning of last week Rev. and Mrs. Barrett decided to walk to their farm, starting about 8 o’clock and reaching their destination about 10 o’clock. They had several chances to ride, but refused them, but accepted a ride back to town.

Both of them stood the trip fine, and Mrs. Barrett said she felt better after her walk than she did the day she helped shuck 137 bushels of corn at the F. I. Goslee farm last week.

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