Barney, Nebraska

Barney, we hardly knew ye. From the August 29, 1907 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Gone at Last.

After fighting for 35 years, the town of Barney, Nebr., has surrendered to the Missouri river. The post office has been abandoned and the last old residence has floated down the muddy stream. In the early days Barney was a prosperous town. The Burlington maintained a station there, but the steady ravages of the river forced the railroad to move its tracks to higher ground.

Thirty years ago Barney had a bank, many stores and a large number of comfortable residences. It was a rival of Nebraska City, and for years there was a sharp contest between the two towns, with the chances favoring Barney. But the Missouri river entered into the combination against Barney, and from that time the old town was doomed.

Last week a deserted blacksmith shop was all that remained to the once prosperous town of 1,600 inhabitants. The river rose a few nights ago and took this old building with it. And that was the last of Barney. — Holt County Sentinel.

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