Bank of Skidmore, 1913

Few people pay bills with cash today. Here’s how the Bank of Skidmore saw things in the May 22, 1913 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri):

 Advertisement for The Bank of Skidmore (Skidmore, Missouri).
Skidmore New Era, May 22, 1913, p. 1.

Ad reads, “Few people pay bills with cash these days. Our customers know this. A checking account with this bank will eliminate any difficulties of using your funds as you wish. Your business will be welcomed. The Bank of Skidmore. W. R. Linville, President. W. S. Linville, Cashier. C. E. Linville, Assistant Cashier. Capital and surplus seventeen thousand. See us for farm loans and insurance. The home bank.”

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