Band Class in Graham, 1913

From the May 15, 1913 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 8:

Organized Band Class

Jesse S. Barrett of Skidmore has organized a band class of twelve in Graham.  They are all young men from fourteen to eighteen years old.  The name of pupils and instrument they play are as follows:

Carl Thornton – alto

Dale Boblet – alto

Ira Chappel – tuba

Jesse Chappel – barytone

Elwood Miller – cornet

James Spurlin – cornet

Oma Smith – cornet

Clark Harmon – tenor

Claude Wray – clarinet

Estel Zancker – snare drum

Earl Swigart – base drum

and one cornet player, whose name we did not learn.

Mr. Barrett has been instructor of a young men’s band in Skidmore all winter called the “kid band.”  They make some noise when they meet, I tell you.


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