Balloon Ascension

From the August 31, 1900 Skidmore Standard:

Fine Trip in the Sky Witnessed by Many Visitors

Tuesday afternoon at a little past four o’clock, Frank Strahl, professional aeronaut, left terra firma with his balloon and took a ride through the air to a height of about four thousand feet, and made the drop to earth again with his parachute.

The weather was about as nearly perfect as possible, and the ascension was the best that was ever witnessed in Skidmore.  The balloon was cut loose near Freece & Bramble’s blacksmith shop and the sky sailor alighted in the northwest corner of the Masonic cemetery.

A goose was taken up and turned loose at a height of about three thousand feet.  The astonished bird discovered what its wings were for and sailed off south toward the river.  It could not be found afterward, which was a real disappointment to F. E. Vandersloot and some others who had planned to have a feast of roast goose that night.

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