Balloon Ascension

Further reporting from the May 5, 1899 Skidmore Standard on the Grand Balloon Ascension of April 29:

T. B. Slaughter was the first boy to get where the balloon fell.

Nearly everyone who has a kodak took a snapshot at the balloon.

The STANDARD said the balloon would go up on the 29, and it went.

There were perhaps 2,000 people from the country in town on balloon day.

On account of the balloon falling in the timber, Prof. Sampson’s life was very much endangered for a short time.

A balloon ascension, like a circus, always attracts the children, but the old folks have to go along to take care of them.

Photographer Ashbrook isn’t an expert wing shot yet.  He took a snap shot at the balloon while it was in the air and aimed too low.

The STANDARD does not deal in “fakes.”  Had it promised you a whole flock of balloons they would have been here right on time.

The balloon fell about three quarters of a mile southwest of town about twenty-five feet from the river.  It struck a tree in falling and tore a great hole in it (the balloon.)

The balloon management said the people were the most patient and pleasant they had ever met, and were very kind in rendering them all the assistance they needed.

James Skidmore has taken snap shots and time shots both in the Klondike and in the states but he didn’t get one at the balloon.  He had his kodak and intended to get a picture of the balloon just as it was leaving the ground, but he was so intently watching it when it went up that he forgot all about his kodak.


We believe that all the merchants had a larger trade last Saturday than usual on that day of the week.  Even where they got no trade they had a chance to meet many of their patrons that would not have come to town if there had not been something special going on.

It is very evident from Saturday’s event that it is no trouble to get people to come to town if some special inducement is offered.

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to get up some kind of an entertainment or attraction, say once a month during the summer season, and invite the country people in to see and enjoy it with us?

Country people appreciate such things or they wouldn’t go to celebrations, fairs, expositions, harvest homes, shows and numerous other entertainments.

Get everybody and the babies to come to town the same day, once in a while; they get better acquainted, are more sociable, and all enjoy themselves, both country and town people.


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