Ball Game at Quitman

In honor of opening day, we bring you the following big baseball news from Skidmore and Quitman in 1901.  From the June 28, 1901 Skidmore Standard, right on page one:

Ball Game at Quitman.

Last Sunday afternoon Quitman and Burlington Junction were to have played a game of ball, but from some cause or other, the Burlington team failed to put in its appearance.  There were about twenty-five of the Skidmore boys went up to see the game and were greatly disappointed as they expected to see a game equal to any of the professional games you read about.

Some one of the Skidmore boys, who has great confidence in himself and all the other boys of his town, proposed that they make up a nine from this town and play the Quitman team which is considered — by Quitmanites — to be the best ball team in Northwest Missouri.  This created quite a laugh among the Quitman ball players and citizens, but they said in order to have a little fun they would agree to the proposition.

The Skidmore nine was selected and the game was begun.  Quitman took the “stick” on the start and succeeded in making the score – with the assistance of the umpire – on the first half.  The Skidmore boys then went at bat and almost run the Quitman fielders’ legs off.  The game was closed after four innings were played with the score standing 12 to 8 in favor of Skidmore.

Who said Skidmore couldn’t turn out a ball nine that would do honor to themselves?

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