Babe Howden Watches for the Punkin Show, 1911

Letter to the editor from the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), July 20, 1911:

What is the Matter?

We received the following letter this week.

Culdesac, Idaho, 7-12 ’11
Mr. Baker:

What in the world is the matter that you do not boost our Punkin Show? Here we are two thousand miles from home watching the paper every week to find out the dates, so we can arrange our trip to be sure and get home in good time. Now Mr. Baker be sure and say when it will be so Edie, Minta and I will not miss it, as we are very anxious to be home then. Every stranger I meet asks the date of the Punkin Show.

In haste,

Ed. — I am afraid, that on account of the dry weather, the Punkin Show will, this year go by default. We need a good “booster,” why don’t you come home?

Advertisement for the Skidmore, Missouri Punkin Show is illustrated with a drawing of a large pumpkin.  Ad reads, "Skidmore Punkin Show!  Four Big Days, October 3, 4, 5, and 6, 1911."
Miss Babe Howden didn’t have to wait long to learn of the dates for the 1911 Skidmore, Missouri Punkin Show. This ad ran in the following week’s issue.

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