Avoid trouble with good towels

Do you need to buy new towels? See Barrett’s.

Illustrated advertisement for towels for sale by Barrett's of Skidmore, Missouri in 1921. Text of ad follows.
Ad for towels for sale at Barrett’s of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore News, October 20, 1921.

Advertisement reads, “Thorough drying of the hands and face goes a long way toward preserving the natural beauty of the skin. Slip-shod methods of drying the skin after washing will produce a coarse, rough skin that easily falls victim to the ravages of disease. Especially are children inclined to avoid thorough drying of the skin, with the result that sore, chapped hands and face make their lives miserable during the winter months. The children are not always at fault. If the parents will provide a little advice, and thick absorbent towels, most of this trouble can be avoided. We invite you to make inspection of our stock of fine new towels for every purpose, priced where you can afford to buy them. Try Our Methods. Barrett’s, Skidmore, Missouri. All bills due Jan. 1, May 1, Sept. 1. S. & H. Stamps.”

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