Automobile Trips, September 1921

September strikes us as a good time to take a road trip. Here are a few reports of Skidmore, Missouri citizens who did just that in September 1921 (Skidmore News, Sept. 1, p. 1):

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ellison and children of University Place, Nebr., returned home Monday after visiting several days with Mr. and Mrs. David Mitchell. The trip was made by automobile.

Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Linville and sons left last Friday for a motor trip to Kansas. They have been visiting a number of former Skidmore residents. They returned home yesterday.

C. E. Linville and Miss Opal Hart went to St. Joseph last Thursday afternoon and drove home in Mr. Linville’s car which had been remodeled there.

R. B. Foster and daughters left in their car yesterday morning for a trip to Excelsior Springs. They will be gone about two weeks.

Mrs. L. N. Torrey and daughter, Miss Carrie, and Lawrence Nelson of Omaha drove to St. Joseph Monday for a few days’ visit.

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