Auto Accident

Just a decade after the first automobile found its home in Skidmore, the Skidmore News was reporting auto accidents in the vicinity.  The August 9, 1917 paper reported:

Autos Collided

Rev. Dewitt and F. S. Albright had an auto collision Sunday morning at the cross roads about two miles east of town.

Bro. Dewitt was going east and Frank Albright was coming north on the south road and just as he turned the corner to come to town, they discovered that they were in each others way.  Frank was close to the corner as he turned west and Bro. Dewitt was about the middle of the road and in order to avoid a collision it seemed as though they both dodged the same way and bumped together.  The cars were slightly disfigured, Bro. Dewitt’s car having the radiator damaged while the front axle on Frank’s car was bent, besides a few other little bruises on each car.

Fortunately non of the occupants were injured.  Perhaps the corner where the accident happened is no worse than lots of other places in the township, but if all obstructions to car drivers’ views were removed at such places it would perhaps prevent more or less accidents.

‘Tis true that car drivers swing around the corners pretty fast sometimes, but if we had to drive autos at a horse walk, what would be the use having them?  Might as well go afoot to start with.

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