Apples for London

News about international commerce from the November 13, 1913 Skidmore New Era:

Two Cars of Applies to London, England
Grown by W. W. Grigsby and Packed by Rundle Brothers – Will Go Over Cuard Fast Freight Line

W. W. Grigsby consigned Thursday two cars, 358 barrels, of fine selected apples, grown in his orchard two and one-half miles west of Skidmore, for London, England.

The apples are York Imperials and Arkansas Blacks and were packed by Rundle Brothers, professional packers.

Messrs. C. V. Rundle, of Deadwood, South Dakota, and Elmer Rundle of Craig will go with the apples.  They are consigned to Rundle Brothers, London, England, and will be sold by them when they arrive in the world’s greatest city across the “big pond.”

The apples will go over the Burlington to Chicago and from there to New York over the New York Central and there transported to the Cuard Fast Freight line for London.  The transportation company guarantee not more than three and one-half to four days trip across the water.

The York Imperials are among Mr. Grigsby’s finest apples and best sellers.  About one-third of his entire orchard of 110 acres are “Yorks.”  They are a good export apple and are known in London as Newtown Pippins and bring the highest price on the London markets.

The Rundles expect to be gone about twenty-seven days.

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