Another Good Game

A basketball report from the January 10, 1907 edition of the Skidmore New Era.

Another Good Game

A good snappy game of basket ball was played at Rodman’s hall last Saturday by a team from Tarkio and the Skidmore boys.  A good sized crowd of spectators was present to enjoy the game and, without doubt, everybody felt that they had received their money’s worth when time was called at the end of the last half.

The players on both sides were in good form and both teams went into the contest with a determination to win if such a thing was possible.

At the beginning of the game it seemed as though the Tarkio boys were going to have a walk-away for they succeeded in making several goals in a very short time, while the Skidmore boys failed to make a single goal.  But the home boys soon came to themselves and at the end of the first half the score was 9 to 8 in favor of Skidmore.

The Skidmore team kept the lead throughout the remainder of the game, and when the scores were counted at the end of the game, it was found that Tarkio had made 12 while Skidmore had laid away 19.

The game was refereed by a gentleman from Tarkio, who gave both teams a square deal throughout.  R. A. Walker acted as umpire.

The Tarkio boys are a gentlemanly set and won a warm spot in the hearts of the Skidmore people by the good-natured manner in which they took their defeat.

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