Another Big Day

Ad for Another Big Day in Skidmore, Saturday, May 27. We invite you and your family and neighbors to visit Skidmore, Saturday, for we have provided at a large expense Amusement to Entertain you. Which includes Prof. Rice in his daring and unexcelled balloon and parachute exhibition. Everybody should take an afternoon off and see the nerve-racking death-defying act. Rice is pronounced by millions to be the highest and surest flyer on Earth.
Ad for Another Big Day, Skidmore New Era, May 25, 1905

Skidmore’s Big Day, May 20, 1905, was such a success, the business men immediately declared another.

From the May 25, 1905 Skidmore New Era:

Big Day A Success

A Well Pleased People

Two interesting Ball Games, Good Speaking, and Last of All a Fine Balloon Ascension

Another Big Day

Next Saturday Will be a Day of Pleasure For The People.

Come Everybody.

Last Saturday morning the sun rose bright and fair over our little city and gladdened the hearts of the business men, who had planned the “Big Day” for those who might visit the town on that day.

People began arriving about 10 o’clock but there was not a very big crowd until about 2 o’clock when the roads leading to town were lined with vehicles crowded with men, women and children who were anxious to see what had been prepared for their amusement by the towns-people.  At a little after 10 a.m., the band struck up a lively march which the people gathered to hear.  After a little music the people made their way to the ball park to witness the morning game between the home team and the Amity College team of College Springs, Iowa.  This game was a one-sided affair, the home team receiving a defeat, the score being 6 to 1 in the Iowa boys’ favor.

After dinner there was music, the march to the ball grounds where, before the ball game began, Mendenhall, of Burlington Junction, won the foot race from Allison, the book agent.

Immediately after the foot race the second game of ball was called.  This was one of the best games that has been played on the home grounds, this season.  Both teams were in fine form and a good exhibition of the game was put up.  The score at the end of the game was 3 to 1 in favor of the home team.  The attendance at the game was estimated at from 250 to 300 people.

Judge W. C. Ellison, Prof. B. F. Duncan and Nat Sisson, of Maryville, made talks at the opera house in the interest of the location of the Normal School, to be located in Northwest Missouri.  In these talks reasons were set forth why the school should be located in Nodaway county and, while no subscriptions were solicited at the meeting, the people in attendance were informed that a certain amount of money would have to be raised in order to secure the Normal for this county.

The chief attraction was the balloon ascension which took place about 6 o’clock.  The weather was very favorable as there was only a slight breeze; from the southeast.  Prof. Rice rose so high that his big balloon looked to be about the size of a thimble, and the man himself was but a mere speck.

He was in the air some fifteen or twenty minutes, and it was feared by some that something had gone wrong but he was only waiting until he could clear the river before he cut the parachute loose from the balloon.  The parachute opened nicely and Prof. Rice reached the ground in safety, some two miles northwest of town.

The last number on the program, for the day, was the sleight of hand performances which was cut short on account of the lateness of the hour when Prof. Rice reached town, after the balloon ascension.

The citizens of Skidmore extend a most cordial invitation to all who were here last Saturday, and as many others who will, to come and enjoy another “Big Day,” next Saturday.  Prof. Rice will be with us again and will make another ascension if the weather permits.   He will also give sleight of hand performances.  Manager Wilke says he will have a good team here on that day to meet his team.  These with music and other attractions will go to make up the program for another “Big Day” next Saturday, May 27.”

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