Another Big Day: Amusement to Entertain You

There was always something happening in Skidmore, and Saturday, May 27 was “another big day” of entertainment provided by the town’s merchants.  If you were there, you’d be treated to death-defying acts, the largest balloon on earth, and a daring aeronaut, Prof. Rice, drifting to earth.  If that wasn’t your style, you had only to wait a bit for the big base ball game, followed by a guaranteed attraction at the Opera House after all the other features were over.  Worth coming miles to see, indeed.  We’re sorry we missed it.

From the Skidmore New Era, May 25, 1905, page 1:

Ad for "Another Big Day" at Skidmore. Text of ad follows.
Ad for a very big day of entertainment provided in Skidmore, Missouri in May 1905. From the May 25, 1905 Skidmore New Era, page 1.

Ad reads, “We invite you and your family and neighbors to visit Skidmore, Saturday, for we have provided at a large expense Amusement to Entertain you. Which includes Prof. Rice in his daring and unexcelled balloon and parachute exhibition. Everybody should take an afternoon off and see the nerve racking, death-defying act. Rice is pronounced by millions to be the highest and surest flyer on Earth. . . Different from all others, worth coming miles to see. A big ball game will be another feature of the big day. Come and enjoy another big day with us and we will show you a good time. A guaranteed attraction at the Opera House after all other Features are over.”

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