Ample Means to Accommodate All Legitimate Demands

Snappy advertising from The Farmers Bank of Skidmore, Missouri, as seen in the October 8, 1908 edition of the Skidmore New Era on page 1:

Ad for the Farmers Bank of Skidmore, 1921. "Business Counsel." Text of ad follows.
Ad for The Farmers Bank of Skidmore, Missouri, 1908

Advertisement reads, “Business Counsel. We are neither doctors, lawyers, nor professional experts in the affairs of business. But when a customer takes a notion that our experience may be helpful to him, and comes to us for business counsel, we are always at his service. The ladies and young people are always welcome. We solicit your business. No matter how small, no matter how large, it will receive our careful attention. The Farmers Bank. Ample means to accommodate all legitimate demands. Farm loans, cattle money, personal loans.”

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