American Fence – Favorite of Martians

Ad features a drawing of a planet. "Latest message from Mars." Text of ad is in post.
Martians know a good fence when they see one. Skidmore New Era, April 10, 1913, page 8.

We are quite sure that if we had to choose a brand of fence, we would most certainly pick the one preferred by Martians.  From the April 10, 1913 Skidmore New Era:

Latest Message From Mars.

The latest wireless from planet Mars states that the Martians are tremendously interested in the American Fence and are ready to place a big order if a way can be found of delivering the fence.

The Martians know a good thing.

So do American farmers – more than a million of them – who have cut out fence losses and fence troubles by putting up the American.

Strong – springy – serviceable: proof against blow and snow, sleet and rain.  Turns every animal without injury.

See the American Fence in many weights and styles; you’ll find just the kind you are looking for.

J. O. Miller, Skidmore, Mo.

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