Alleged bootlegger shot, 1922

The 1922 Quitman picnic was quite exciting, if this account from the September 14, 1922 edition of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1 is anything to go by:

Grover Hatcher Shot.

Grover Hatcher, who lives a short distance south of Graham, in Andrew County, was shot and seriously injured last Thursday night at the Quitman picnic, supposedly by Sheriff Roach or one of his deputies.
Sheriff Roach and three deputies went to Quitman Thursday evening in search of bootleggers who were said to be selling whisky at the picnic. They were hidden in a corn field near Quitman when a car came from the south and stopped and two men carried something into the field. The men then drove on into Quitman and returned in a short time, entered the field, got something and drove to Quitman again.

When they returned the second time, one of them entered the field and officers called to him to halt. He paid no attention to the order, and several shots were fired after him as he fled into the field. The officers were unable to find him. Hatcher was found later about a half mile from the scene of the shooting, but he is thought to be the man at whom the officers fired.

Hatcher was taken to the Mapel Hotel at Burlington Junction, where Dr. W. M. Hindman has been attending him. The last reports stated that he is improving, and it is thought that he will recover.
The bullet entered his back and passed through the left lung, near his heart. The would bled freely, and it was said that Hatcher nearly bled to death before the flow could be stopped. There was danger for the first few days that complications would arise, but he seems to be getting along nicely.

Hatcher is already under two liquor charges which were scheduled to come up at the September term of Circuit Court.

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