Alex Holt Writes from Wyoming, 1907

Those who have an interest in real estate might enjoy reading this account from Alex Holt in the Skidmore New Era on page 1 of the July 4, 1907 edition:

From Alex Holt.

The following letter concerning southeastern Wyoming will be found interesting.

Cheyenne, Wyo., June 24, 1907.

Editor: — I want to write a few lines for the benefit of anyone who might be interested.

I came here, that is to southeast Wyoming, last Tuesday to look the country over with the view of taking a homestead and buying if I found things all right. To say that I am delighted with what I see and learn is to use very mild language. At first I was not favorably impressed, but having ridden over the country extensively in an automobile furnished free of charge by the company advertising the country, and having been here about a week talking with various parties in both interested, in a way, and uninterested, I am overwhelmingly convinced that this is the best proposition that has ever been presented to me.

I have bought a section at $15 per acre and am now at Cheyenne to file on a homestead of 160 acres. I shall remain here till the limit of my ticket, making preparations to move my family at once. I shall have all my children who are old enough to take a homestead come Tuesday, July 2nd, the next excursion, and take homesteads. It costs $22 to file. In fourteen months, by complying with the law in the matter and paying $2.50 per acre, or by living on the land for five years, one can get a deed. One does not have to begin to occupy for six months after filing.

A little over a year ago the Government ordered the fencing around public lands to be torn down. A company was formed in Des Moines and large bodies of land were bought from the stock ranchers, with each alternating section homestead land, and thrown upon the market at from $8 to $15 per acre. New houses are going up all over the country and new towns springing into existence as if by magic. Opportunities will soon be a thing of the past. And the poor man with a family, and the young man or young woman who ought to have a home will have missed a golden opportunity. The investor by prompt action can double his money within a very short time.

I have seen much of Texas, Oklahoma, Indian Territory, Kansas and other places, and have never felt like influencing anybody to leave home and go anywhere, but I feel that I would not be treating my friends and others right if I did not in some way tell them of this country.

School and church privileges will soon be in fine shape and I wish I had time and space to say a great deal more, but I must stop.

This is not a pay advertisement, nor does anyone suggest that I shall send this correspondence, but it is the promptings of my feelings and judgement.

If anyone might wish to come and see for himself, buy ticket either Cheyenne or to Pine Bluffs, then go to Luther, Wyo., on the U. P. railroad.

Alex Holt, Maryville, Mo.

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