Airship Social, 1908

Skidmore, Missouri would see its first aeroplane flights in 1910, but the November 5, 1908 Skidmore New Era advertised another aviation-related event:

Ad for an "airship social" in Skidmore, Missouri in 1908. Text of ad follows.
Ad for an “Airship Social” at the M. E. Church of Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore New Era, November 5, 1908, p. 7.

Advertisement reads, “Airship Social! At the M. E. Church, Friday, Nov. 6. The Aero-Interplanetary Transit Company. First public flight of the wonderful new aero car, “Roosedore.” Guaranteed to keep you “up in the air” for an unlimited period. You are invited to join a select company in a marvelous flight, soaring between earth and sky. No stops enroute; all signals from Mars, Saturn or other planets will be ignored by this through car. The airship starts at 8 p.m. from the parlors of the M. E. Church, Friday, Nov. 6. Round trip ticket ten cents. Don’t miss the (1) elevation, (2) sensation, (3) circulation, (4) mastication; and you will only regret the separation. Bring your pencils! We are sure to have a good time and try to make it profitable to all. To insure this please help us keep good order so that we shall not wreck the ship.”

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