Advertising Goes to the Dogs

These days, we have ad wars on social media.  Back in Skidmore in 1903, businesses had to create their own version of Instagram, as we see in this article from the Skidmore Standard, May 1, 1903.

A Valueless Valuable Dog.

Skidmore has been supporting a dog of the bull dog breed, that, to all appearances, has been about as worthless a cur as ever run at large on our streets until a few days ago, someone bedecked him with B. H. & M. on one side and on the other “The Monarch.”  As the dog made his daily trips around town for something to eat, heretofore, was not noticed any more than any other dog, but since being touched up a little by some one who is or is not an artist with a paint brush, was given a second glance by almost every one until yesterday when those that saw him, stopped, turned around and smiled — the dog once more had been submitted to the artist’s hand.  This time from head to tail in large red letters, this sign appeared:  “The Spot Cash Store.”

This, possibly, will sell one or both firms some goods, and if it does, it is one case at least when one can say of the dog “he runs about doing good.”

We certainly hope Barrett, Hitchcock & Montgomery and R. B. Foster paid the dog for his efforts.

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